Monday, May 8, 2017

I can do all things...

I have found myself leaning on Philippians quite a lot lately, but this verse especially. Chapter 4, verse 13 states "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me." (ESV) Even when I remind myself of this verse every morning, I still find myself stressed out at the end of the day wondering what I am going to do about the very things I should not be stressing about!   It is the very statement of faith in Christ. That we can do all things through him, but not WITHOUT him. I've already accepted that, but like many people, the stress of the day gets in my way and I get home in a ball of nerves. What makes us fall back on our own strength (and weakness!) rather than being steadfast in leaning on HIS strength? It also becomes an endless cycle - I fall back, then I beat myself up for falling back, and then come back full circle with being reminded by the Word that his strength is there for me and feeling full of faith once again.   I think it is a normal cycle for any Christian, because we are but human. Even the strongest in faith falter. Look back at David. Or at any of the Disciples. The only one to never falter was Christ. Because well..he is Christ. :) And that is what makes the whole cycle of faith a learning process, a strengthening process. I find myself wondering if I will ever reach a point where my faith does not falter, but I suspect that will only happen when it is time for Him to call me home.

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